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I’m listening!

Dear Friends,
The majority of my summer and early fall was spent listening to communities all over the city.  More recently, I’ve been able to take what I’ve heard from you and turn it into policy changes that will lead to healthier outcomes in Rochester.

On National Night Out, I attended quadrant-wide events in the southwest and northeast, and neighborhood events in Beechwood and Corn Hill.  All over the city, residents were out enjoying the summer evening, getting to know one another, and sharing their interests and concerns.

Important Change to City Charter Furthers Affordable Housing Effort
The message coming out of the Cobbs Hill Village discussion this year was loud and clear: Our community needs to develop shared language around “affordable” housing

I immediately began to work with Mayor Warren’s office, and the result was a change to the City Charter that provides clearer definitions of affordability.  Now that we have a shared understanding, we can use the Comprehensive Plan (Rochester 2034) to develop shared strategies for better, healthier, more affordable housing.
Tim Louis Macaluso’s article in City Newspaper regarding this important change is available from this page of my website for  those who are interested.

Urban Agriculture
Early this spring I met with the Urban Agriculture Working Group  a committed group of gardeners and urban farmers  to discuss their policy recommendations for the City of Rochester.  They explained that the permitting process prevented them from truly investing in their gardens because it only provided a guarantee of nine months’ usage.  I listened to their frustration, and worked with Mayor Warren’s staff to change the garden permits.

Starting in 2019, gardens and farms that have been operating in good standing for several years will be eligible for a 5-year garden permit.  This will allow urban agriculture to have an even greater impact on creating a healthier Rochester.  This policy change will spur the beautification of more neighborhoods, the production of more food for families, and the empowerment of our grassroot communities!  Read more about this exciting change here.

Many of you will not be surprised when I share that the tragedy at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh has been especially painful for me, my family, and the Jewish community at large.  It is quite normal to feel downcast, even despairing, in light of such tragedies and the hate that has fueled them.

Rather than give in to despair, I urge us, whenever possible, to double our resolve and ACT.
— Let’s LISTEN to one another with respect
— Let’s BUILD COMMUNITY everywhere,
through gardens, shared meals, speaking to neighbors and strangers alike
— and finally, let nothing stop us from getting out the VOTE.*

Are you with me?

 With only a handful of days left before election day there are opportunities to canvass for local candidates, phone bank near and far, and support public servants who share our desire for a healthier community.  If you want to learn more, or join me as I work to get out the vote, please contact me directly by email or phone.

*Election Day is Tuesday, November 6.  Polls are open 6 am – 9 pm.  Click here to check your polling place and review your ballot.

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