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Year 2 begins!

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Here are some important updates from the last quarter that I want to share with you:

The federal government shutdown in January continues to be harmful to many people, especially those who receive Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits. Low-income families were asked to stretch SNAP dollars further than ever before.
I did not stop being an activist when I became an elected official, so I was sure to use my office to coordinate a proactive response to the “SNAP Gap.” I helped to convene the City of Rochester, Foodlink, the United Way, and many partners, donors and volunteers to create a series of emergency food distributions. We served over 10,000 families with nearly a week’s worth of food during February recess from school.
I am grateful to be a public servant in Rochester, where neighbors come together to help the community.
Find news coverage of our efforts here. 


The Impact of Marijuana Legalization on Rochester

New York State government leaders have made it clear that marijuana legalization will happen soon. This is a complex issue for many reasons, but we must remember that marijuana legalization is a matter of social justice. As the Drug Policy Alliance has demonstrated, the war on drugs has disproportionately impacted “urban areas, lower income communities and communities of color.” 
I’m proud to be working with Roc NORML and the Start Smart coalition to generate support for legislation that ensures economic benefits to communities that have been most harmed by current drug enforcement policies.


Speaking at Town Hall on Equitable Marijuana Legalization in NYS, hosted by Metro Justice


Police Accountability Board Legislation Work Continues 

City Council conducted three public forums on the proposed legislation for a Police Accountability Board. The sessions were held on the east side (Douglass R Center), west side (Danforth R Center), and downtown (City Hall). Each of the sessions had great turnout and excellent feedback on a number of topics. These sessions were a critical step in moving this legislation forward.

We want to hear your thoughts!  When you have questions or ideas about how to contribute to a healthier Rochester, please reach out. 
email:  Mitch.Gruber@cityofrochester.gov
office phone:  585-428-6924, City Council main phone: 585-428-7538  
address:  City Hall, Room 301, 30 Church Street, Rochester, NY 14614

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