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An Important Election

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Introducing Adam Bello and Shani Curry Mitchell to prospective voters this summer.


Dear Friends,

Local elections matter – and this is a particularly big election for 3 reasons.

1. Early Voting: In an effort to improve our democracy and increase voter turnout, New York State has made voting easier in a multitude of ways including allowing for early voting. You can vote at select polling places from Saturday October 26th through Sunday November 3rd. (See the exact hours and all locations in the graphic below.) Notice that the hours are different each day, to provide options for people who work early or late, or those who have transportation or childcare issues.

If you prefer, you can still wait and vote on the traditional election date, Tuesday November 5th, at your regular polling site. I plan to be a Day One Voter on October 26th at the downtown MCC campus, and hope you will consider making early voting plans too!

Adam Bello will be a fantastic County Executive.


2. Flip the Legislature: Monroe County has not had a County Legislature controlled by the Democratic Party in my adult life. We have a chance to change that with some excellent candidates for the legislature, and with Adam Bello as a candidate for County Executive.

I have worked extensively with Adam this campaign, and I believe that he is the right leader for Monroe County. In addition, we have an opportunity to change the judicial system and ensure that our judges reflect the diversity of Monroe County. I am proud to support the slate of Democratic judges, and Shani Curry Mitchell for District Attorney.

Beth meets with Shani Curry Mitchell, our candidate for District Attorney

3. Police Accountability Board: I spent a lot of time and effort working on the Police Accountability Board legislation that City Council passed earlier in 2019, and I am pleased that Rochester voters will have their voices heard on this critical subject.

I believe the PAB will reduce instances of misconduct, while building trust and mutual understanding between police officers and the communities they serve. Remember to turn your ballot over and vote YES for the PAB.

One of many listening sessions held about Police Accountability Board legislation this year,

If you have any questions about early voting, any of the candidates, or ideas about how to contribute to a healthier Rochester, please reach out. We’ll be glad to hear from you!

email: Mitchforcitycouncil@gmail.com

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