Mitch Gruber

1199 SEIU Endorses Mitch Gruber for City Council

I am very proud to have received the endorsement of 1199 SEIU, the Rochester chapter of the largest union in the nation. SEIU represents over 2,000 of the front line health care workers who are directly responsible for building a #HealthyRochester. Its members save lives, deliver babies, and care for the sick, seniors and people with disabilities in our community each day.

As a strong supporter of 1199 SEIU’s mission to stand up for quality healthcare, good jobs and social justice for all, I am deeply honored by the endorsement.

The Rochester chapter is made up of hard working, community minded grassroots organizers. Together they have successfully advocated for strong benefits, safety standards, and opportunities for advancement for health professionals. Their members are some of the most active people in local elections – I commend them for all the hard work they put into political organizing, and I’m fortunate for their support!


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