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Cheers to our success! Here’s what’s next.

For the past month, all City Council candidates have been vetted by the Democratic Committees in Rochester’s 10 Legislative Districts (LD’s).  These committees were voting on the official slate of 5 candidates endorsed by the Monroe County Democratic Committee (MCDC).

Each meeting was similar in format: candidates had a few minutes to introduce themselves and share their vision for Rochester. Then committee members asked questions and voted. We did this at different venues around the city, with groups ranging from 25 to 100+ people.

I thoroughly enjoyed this process. It reaffirmed to me the power of local politics. These LD’s are filled with engaged, passionate citizens who are invested in the future of our city.  We had fruitful (and sometimes tough) conversations about a wide range of issues.

Now that the votes are in, I am excited to say that my campaign is moving in the right direction! It’s tough to compete with incumbents and elected officials, but I’m pleased to announce I received the most votes of any new candidate. Most important, I was among the top 5 candidates in 7 out of the 10 committees and proved that this campaign can appeal to voters in all parts of the city.

These results are encouraging, but they don’t predict the outcome of the Primary on September 12.  The MCDC will meet on May 18 to determine who they collectively support.  Regardless of what they decide, any candidate can still petition their way onto the ballot. In other words, there is still A LOT of work to do.

I’m now more certain than ever before that the vision of a #HealthyRochester is resonating with voters. These LD’s didn’t vote for me because they know my name or think I have significant political influence. They voted for me because they understand the basic message of my campaign: in order to do good, we must feel good. The City of Rochester can become a healthier place through policy, by encouraging healthy housing, urban agriculture, playability, and more.

In a #HealthyRochester, children have a better chance of succeeding in school, adults have a better chance of maintaining living-wage jobs, and families have a better chance to contribute to the growth and development of our city. The voters I have spoken to so far connect with this message. Thanks to your generous support and the inspiring vision we share for a stronger Rochester, this campaign has succeeded so far.

Please help me keep the momentum. Donate to the campaign, tell your friends and family, and sign up to volunteer. Starting in June, I will need people to knock on doors with me, get petitions signed, and spread our message.

Thank you for all you’ve done to support me, and I hope to see you in June when we hit the streets!


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